Sunsetting the Lifestyle Mobile App

Since the beginning of our journey at Alerje, while the big play has always been our patented flagship epinephrine auto-injector phone case (the Omniject), we have also always had a vision of providing innovation and resources up front to help families navigate the world of food allergies. As a food allergy patient myself, as well as someone with a technical background as a software developer at one of the largest health plans in the Midwest, I noticed another vast opportunity to provide value for the more than 220M families worldwide living with food allergies daily, people just like me.

Although we received countless support and positive feedback, including being ranked one of the top food allergy apps and receiving over 10K downloads since its release, we decided to make the difficult decision to sunset the mobile Lifestyle App. There were several factors involved that led to this decision:

  • We recently discovered that our API backend provider has ceased supporting an essential resource needed to power this mobile app.
  • After receiving a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), we recently developed a new digital platform, and may implement key features from the Lifestyle app into this platform. Stay tuned!
  • The growing momentum behind the new digital platform required our teams to focus on delivering solutions that will transform the food allergy management experience for our community stakeholders.

As far as what’s next, we have the exciting opportunity to make an immediate impact on the growing number of families undergoing life changing food allergy immunotherapy while we continue to take steps towards the development of the Omniject. Beyond new software replacing the aforementioned Lifestyle App, we’re securely pulling all data from the recently shuttered API provider while maintaining user privacy. This move, and with the data from our NSF-backed study, will allow our users to experience our upcoming products from a renewed lens. Alerje is leveraging clinically-backed innovation to improve the lives of so many, and we thank our community of users for your support of the Lifestyle App over the years. Be on the lookout for the next generation of game-changing innovation and food allergy support. Given the initial feedback we’ve received to date we think you’re going to love what’s on the horizon!



Javier Evelyn is the Founder and CEO of Alerje

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