Introducing the Inaugural Alerje Medical Advisory Board

Javier Evelyn
5 min readMar 5, 2021
Alerje Medical Advisory Board

Over the past year, our company has evolved for the better. While we’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been supported by, or supporters of key clinical stakeholders, we understood that this was an area we wanted internal support from. Alerje is pleased to announce our inaugural Medical Advisory Board! (Listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Here a few quotes from our new MAB:

“Javier’s mission to improve patient care and access aligns well with my goals as a practicing allergist-immunologist. The time spent in the exam room with patients is limited. Sometimes patients and their families need more education and support to help them navigate the world of food allergy. Javier’s innovative vision to provide “at the elbow” support via the application and new auto injector device, will be a game-changer for food allergic patients. I chose to support Alerje as a medical consultant, because there is a real need for patients to have better assistance in making safe choices and treating reactions immediately. I am impressed by the Alerje team so far and look forward to providing clinical insight to Javier’s company.” — Dr. Cook

“I have worked with children and families with food allergies for almost a decade. I wholeheartedly believe in Alerje’s mission of helping our food allergy families via a virtual platform. I am also excited about the novel technology of an epinephrine auto-injector that alerts the patient’s support team when used. I look forward to working with Alerje, and share their core principles of innovation, inclusion, and quality of life support!” — Dr. Gupta

We’ve been fortunate to have Dr. Moskowitz on our initial board over the past few years. We initially met in Nashville at a healthcare event put on by Jumpstart Foundry. As a parent with severe food allergies and having the ER perspective, it was a natural pairing to work with him.

We’ve been fans of the incredible work of Dr. Levy for some time. We believe that his background as a CIO and researcher will properly help inform Alerje’s upcoming digital health solution product suite. Thanks again for the intro Paul Riser, Jr.!

Dr. Tam was introduced to us by Kathryne Cooper of CTIP. His background as a food allergy division Medical Director give us the the much needed provider perspective. His initial inputs and support early on have been invaluable.

We’re incredibly energized by this infusion of clinical experience and look forward to what’s to come!

About the Medical Advisory Board:

Quindelyn Cook, MD

Quindelyn Cook, MD is a board certified Allergist-Immunologist in Boston. Dr. Cook manages adults and children with allergies, asthma, eczema, and immunodeficiencies. Her clinical interests include food allergies, allergic rhinitis (seasonal allergies), asthma, and disparities in atopic diseases. Her personal experiences with multiple allergic conditions prompted her to pursue a career in medicine and become an allergist. Prior to coming to Boston, Dr. Cook completed an Allergy Immunology fellowship at the University of North Carolina (UNC). During her final year of fellowship, she served as a postdoctoral fellow/clinical instructor in the Department of Pediatrics with the UNC Food Allergy Initiative, a Food Allergy Research and Education Center of Excellence. Dr. Cook has a passion for patient education, and wants to inspire more underrepresented families to advocate for their children and communities, when it comes to improving access to subspecialty care, awareness of food allergies, and innovative therapies for allergic conditions.

Malika Gupta, M.D.

Dr. Gupta is an Assistant Professor and Faculty at the University of Michigan in the Division of Allergy and Immunology. She started her career in Allergy and Immunology with research in pediatric asthma and food allergies at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. She completed her residency in Pediatrics at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore and her clinical fellowship in Allergy and Immunology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). She then served as clinical faculty and Assistant Professor at the Mount Sinai Jaffe Food Allergy Institute in New York City, specializing in care of patients with a multitude of allergic conditions focusing primarily on food allergies. Throughout her career, Dr. Gupta has been involved in a multitude of research studies in the fields of pediatric food allergy and asthma.

Phillip D. Levy, M.D., M.P.H.

Phillip Levy, MD, MPH is the Edward S Thomas endowed Professor at Wayne State University where he currently serves as Assistant Vice President for Translational Sciences and Clinical Research Innovation, and Associate Chair for Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine; in addition, he is also the Chief Innovation Officer for the Wayne State University Physician Group. Dr. Levy has overseen more than 90 funded studies from various entities since his arrival at Wayne State in 2002 including the CDC, NHLBI, NIMHD, PCORI, AHRQ, EMF, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Related to this work, Dr. Levy has published more than 220 manuscripts and textbook chapters over the past decade and has been an invited lecturer on cardiovascular disease more than 220 times.

While most of his research has focused on uncontrolled hypertension, hypertensive heart disease, and heart failure (and related health disparities), he has also been at the forefront of efforts to better understand the evolution in biomarker evaluation of myocardial injury.

Robert Moskowitz, M.D.

Robert is a National Medical Director for a company that specializes in hospital level care at home. His passion is helping people receive high-quality care that is timely, accessible and comprehensive. Actively practicing as an emergency room physician for 15+ years.

Jonathan Tam, M.D.

Dr. Jonathan Tam, MD is an Allergy & Immunology Specialist in Los Angeles, CA and has over 14 years of experience in the medical field. He serves as the Medical Director at The Gores Family Allergy Center, Attending Physician and Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Keck School of Medicine of USC. He graduated from Northwestern Feinberg School Of Medicine medical school in 2007. He is affiliated with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

About Alerje:

Alerje is developing a Proactive Patient Engagement platform to improve the lives of the more than 220M impacted worldwide by food allergies. Learn more at or follow us on all major social media platforms.