Alerje Announces Granted Patent for the Omniject

As someone who personally suffers from multiple food allergies, I’ve always been cognizant of the limitations in the current treatments for this life threatening condition. While it’s recommended by doctors and the leading advocacy groups for patients and/or caregivers to carry epinephrine at all times due to the threat of anaphylaxis, more than half don’t always carry due to the inconvenience, clunkiness, and in some cases the costs of the current options. The primary thought that kept emerging was, “there has to be a better way to passively carry my meds”.

From then on, over the years I partnered with a few smart individuals and firms to set out on our quest to improve the lives of the more than 220 million people worldwide living with food allergies; the Omniject was born.

79% of adults have their smartphones with them 22 hours a day.

The latest report conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC Research) states that adults rarely leave their homes without a cell phone and keep it close to them an average of 22 hours a day. Alerje’s Omniject attaches to a smartphone, providing convenient access to Epinephrine in seconds in case of a severe reaction. Beyond convenience and storage, in the future the Omniject will automatically alert the patient’s Alerje support circle if a dose from the case is activated, simplifying the food allergy management process.

After years of R&D leveraging the unique insights of our dedicated food allergy community, we are thrilled to achieve this granted patent status. This milestone comes as we ramp up our commercial partner conversations with organizations.

Sending a special thanks to Kristen Pursley and the team at The Dobrusin Law Firm for guiding us towards this incredible milestone!

Javier Evelyn is the Founder and CEO of Alerje